Manchester United I love

After a long time, watching a Manchester United game had me fist pumping, cursing and jumping off my couch. This is the sort of game we expect every match day. I was not happy with the line up or formation to begin with. It seemed destined to be beaten.

Aaron Wan Bissaka is definitely not the right back that will take us to heights. He offers ‘nothing’ going forward, essentially just allows any sort of break to happen on his side, forcing wingers in front of him to work their socks off when he concedes possession cheaply in the attacking third

Deploying Rashford to right wing forward is rubbish. He offers nothing there and for good lengths of the game was absent. When he did make runs to get behind, nobody found him either.

Scott and Aaron are two players who try to hide in the midfield, do nil take ons and as a result is a setback. Cavani with his single touch football can teach so much to these scared two touch players.

Maguire was quite often beaten with ease. Shaw is exuding in confidence. Pogba had a brilliant game, probably because he was playing against Mourinho, running his ass off, trying to make a point. Even though we eventully won 1-3, it was there for everyone to see, why this team still has clunks in its armour.

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