Manchester City, Dr. Fowler and Joji

From the whistle, there has been this incessant press on Dortmund that would not allow them to play ball.

One break in between allowed BvB to breach City. But what followed next was them again inviting City on while looking for the odd break. That didn’t bode well with De Bruyne shooting at will and the frame of the German goal shaking every other minute. There is no doubt the team to beat in this elite list of teams in the semis is City. If anybody can do it, it is PSG. Though it would be played as a semi, it is essentially the final. While Chelsea under Tuchel has made strides and Real Madrid is always in contention, it’s definitely the other tie winner that is likely to run away with the title.

For a team that just like many others had to contend with a jam packed play schedule thanks to the pandemic, it is indeed heartening to see that they have still managed to compete in all fronts. Ole’s pedigree is nowhere close to Pep, nor does he have the luxury of a top class squad. But at the end of the day it is the coach that rings in the changes. If we take a snapshot at this point, City are miles ahead while United have only one trophy to challenge for.

Expert witness for the defence in the Derek Chauvin Trial, Dr. Fowler is an example of a person who doesn’t indulge in ethical practice. Experts should in no way mislead the common man. Misleading the common man is not something I am unfamiliar with. As a doctor myself, I have seen first hand many peers, some really esteemed ones who mislead patients for purely business reasons. Is that ethical practice? No, it isn’t. Then why do they do it? For their own selfish reasons. People join this noble profession with the purpose of serving humanity. And then we see testimonies like these where unlikely theories like carbon monoxide are just thrown in, because it is a court room. His segregation of himself as a physician and a forensic pathologist is in itself an inhuman act and questions his credibility in all those years as a Medical Examiner. If one departs from ones role as a physician and looks at crime investigations purely as a forensic pathologist, I have no words!

After a long day, I thought I need to watch this movie. I’ve been postponing it ever since it released, finally decided to cut a few hours of my sleep and delve into it. The genre of movies I’ve been watching lately have all been dark. Tovino’s Kala the most recent one. It is indeed a dramatic experience. It’s been beautifully portrayed by a rich array of talents and there is depth in each scene. I thoroughly enjoyed the dark nature and outcome when we finish up the movie. It’s not going to find favours with the faithful for sure!

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