Pandemic football

A pandemic year. A year when football was paused. After a break, in a bio bubble, games resumed. The apparent alteration of tightly knit planned international football schedules meant, any sort of disturbance, even if it were to be a once in a life time pandemic, football was no longer gonna be the same. 

Fans were no longer part of the experience of football for the players. It took them a while to get accustomed to it. While that may seem and sound like a downturn, the upturn though has been the uninhibited manner in which players started playing. There was no longer pressure on the things they did. It is a double edged sword. Some are motivated by the chants, the spirits, the taunts and the ambience of the occasion, others wish every match day was like a training day. 

What did come to the fore is the teams that have currently thrived in Europe. Energetic young players have taken over the platform, under no pressure to perform in the biggest stage. Confidence has grown through every minute on the pitch as they locked horns with senior established players. Lot of young managers came to the fore, especially in English football and that is exactly why we are now having an All English Champions League Final

The quality of the teams in the Semis were not questionable. Seasoned campaigners, multiple time title winners, with all the know how. But it was the insatiable energy of team work that got both the English teams through. So what changed? Technology has changed. Players now know so much more about their bodies, the learn faster through extensive video analysis and the lack of pressure of fans on the touchline makes their job a lot easier. 

Looking forward to an exciting match end of this month. 

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