The disability of politicians to do the right thing

An eminent politician recently died in Kerala. Rules applicable for controlling COVID were relaxed for that person (apparently in respect for that person). Why is it so hard for the government to implement the rules uniformly to all? They somehow feel that they are exempted from it all. Yet again, the swearing in ceremony of the new government is mired in controversy yet again as they seem to want to flaunt all norms.

The re-election of a government back into power for a successive term happened despite many shortcomings. This self-glorifying measure to ignore and flaunt all norms just for their selfish needs is going to cost us citizens. Hypocrisy of these autocratic leaders is nothing unheard of. To gloat about one’s own achievements is something we see daily at the centre. The incumbent in Kerala shares many such qualities. A good example to quote is his daily press conferences without delegating work to the experts or concerned ministries.

There were reports of how ‘Kerala Model’ could be seen in a completely different light from rest of India, which is utter rubbish. The way in which politicians super spread the virus in February and March in an endeavor to win votes, delayed a much needed lockdown, has eventually resulted in massive loss of lives. The hypocrisy of the politicians and self-centered nature of handling these situations will only cost us.

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