Exemplary? Not.

I managed to listen to what CM of Kerala had to say to justify the need for a public extravagant swearing in ceremony. 

  1. History rewritten by himself – same political party re elected for successive terms for the first time in decades
  2. Extravagant elaborate spacing in an open space to stick to COVID protocols
  3. Conducting this with at best 500 people in a stadium (with capacity of 50000) is the bare minimum that an elected government could do to thank the voters

The incessant debate throughout this and prior to this has been – why are politicians allowed to do things differently? If it is the English Premier League, I can understand. Strict COVID protocols all throughout to ensure that any point, should anyone turn positive, result in appropriate containment measures. In this scenario, much of Kerala is in serious lockdowns and restrictions. The common man can not earn his daily living and for the sake of humanity, he is staying locked up at home. In the meantime, politicians are celebrating victory with a cake cutting, gathering around each other.

It is understandable if everybody is sitting at their own home and eating. Here random people from different households, come together, spend time and again spread the virus. I am pretty sure there was no antigen testing or RT-PCR screening for all those who got together for this meeting cum celebration. 

My relative recently got  married, few days ago. Including family, only 30 people could get together. The biggest moment of her life, for years she would have dreamt of how the day would pan out and being a doctor, and knowing the seriousness of the pandemic and out of other necessities, she decided to do a limited function. 

So when the common man is going out of their way to safeguard the nation and its people, what moral authority do these people whom we elect to power have to go around flaunting the norms?

If the CM of Kerala had any interest in wielding an image of a man of principles, well that has all gone down the drain.

Have to feel for all the well wishers of this party, for am sure, a good percentage of people would vehemently disagree with the charade that is gonna unfold in the Capital of the State. 

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