Change is always welcome

You know what really strikes me about the decision taken by the ruling party? Change. Such was the performance of the government in the last five years, that what has been happening for decades is no longer of any concern. Good governance always wins. When the State faced some of the biggest trials and tribulations in the last five years, with economic showdowns, natural calamities and eventually a pandemic that threatened humanity, a state of composure, control and safety net is something this government managed to do.

In the midst of the pandemic, there is definite rhyme and reason on why a good percentage of Keralites find the decision to drop the Health Minister as dumbfounding. All throughout his tenure, centralization of power in his office, as well as his omnipresence in the LDF is something even the well wishers of the left would not disagree. So there is reason to see why there is concern when there is a clear departure in strategy of the party while welcoming this massive mandate for a second successive term.

Nothing is of a greater honor than a system that rewards the deserved ones. I am not someone who follow politics in Kerala in detail, but from what little I have watched and heard about the new cabinet ministers – there is an awful lot of experience working down the chain with the common man. Bringing such people in the forefront of governance and constantly cycling them will ensure good governance prevails and not getting consumed by the power the positions bring.

The debate is – what could possibly happen when the only real person to look up to is just the CM? Indeed, it would mean, he is going to be supreme in wielding power in the State. His track record as an administrator is very positive, despite the shortcomings the oppositions and purists call out. There is no harm in being optimistic of the days and years ahead. It is true that some of the most difficult problems is what is going to challenge the incumbent, but nothing like fresh blood to tackle it.

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