Friends over politics

Following the coming to power of BJP in 2014, there was a clear departure in the mood of the nation from what it used to be. Lots of fist pumping and chest thumping. A nationalist leader, commander of all, to make India a stronger powerful nation. With that came out the support from all sectors of Indian society.

I am not a BJP fan boy. With my stubborn argumentative nature, it was only a matter of time before conflict grew with friends. Distaste for some of the decisions of BJP complimented with quarrels and a general disregard for years of friendship with friends and family.

Today I was listening to new minister of LDF cabinet, Antony Raju, conversing about his friendship with Rajmohan Unnithan. He spoke of their fierce competitiveness due to their political poles, but of a personal relation of conviction much beyond political lines. Just like players of a football game, shake hands before the game, become foes for 90 min plus added time and then once the whistle is blown, they are back to being friends again just like turning a switch on and off. That sort of self restraint  is something I am keen on working on and hope to always keep politics as only a side table discussion and never on the main table.

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