Tact and guile

Two things I felt the former opposition leader lacked. While sticking to the right things, bringing out the bad and weeding out the ugly, there was always a perception problem with Ramesh. When you win the toss and chose to bowl, you already know that batting in the second innings is hard. Not once, but many times in the last government’s tenure, instances of crises cropped up, many unprecedented and unforeseen, much of it once in a century events. 

As Vijayan grew in stature as a leader, leading the fight against the forces of nature and calamitous central government decisions, the balance was always heavily tilted to the ruling government. The year leading to the elections was marred with numerous scandals, and suggestions of corruption. The constant disregard of the Centre for the State due to political disagreements, coupled by the incessant infiltration of Central investigative agencies, built a sense of a government fighting against all odds. Couple that with good governance, tact and guile, and the result was a foregone conclusion. 

Just like defeat in the 2019 elections, Congress appeared to be in tatters. Rahul took responsibility and walked away, but the party refused to bring in change. Snug on, dragged on and many party faithfuls moved to other parties watching their party lose its way. 

Kerala continued to be distinct nevertheless, such has been the background of polity in this southern state. At this juncture, when ‘finally’ there is a revamp in the Congress starting with a change in the Opposition leader, I believe it is a very positive move. I like him as a person – articulate, intelligent and has quite some tact. His clarity of thought, communication and the emphasis on coming together to do good for the people – that is heartwarming not only for the common man but also people on either of the political fence. It is imperative that UDF pulls its socks up. The infiltration of communal elements is a worry and we need all hands on deck to kill this.

I strongly believe, in the forthcoming tough times, Kerala will stand tall TOGETHER.  

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