Scorching heat, digital detox and Magzter

The summer is well and truly in here in Kuwait. 50 plus degrees for the past 3 days here in Jahra, Western Kuwait. There are these gushy winds blowing all the time rubbing the heat on to our skin and drying it up. I am using eye drops just to stay hydrated!

Digital detox is very successful. Social media has been counterproductive in the sense that, there has not been much productivity out there apart from lots of irrelevant information

Structured reading is well and truly in as I subscribed to Magzter. Reading newspapers daily, magazines and now also reading radiology articles on my iPad.

Excited to hear about the iOS 15 and all that is expected this fall. I can already feel an appreciable rise in quality of language reading editorial contents and not rummaging through incoherent social media content!

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