Football and the Pixel 6

An absolutely amazing evening yesterday. I was streaming the Google Launch event on my computer while watching the Club Brugge Manchester City football match. That followed another scintillating match between Atletico Madrid and Liverpool. 

Champions League nights are the sort of football that we love to watch. The standards of the games are a different level, so is the quality on offer. 

To club that with watching the Google event – confined myself to the Pixel phone segment. I used the Google Pixel XL, then Pixel 2, and finally Pixel 2 XL. I was not impressed from 3 onwards. Just did not have me wanting for a Pixel device. The other big deterrent was how software support was ended for all these devices 3 years after their release. 

I again returned to iPhone usage with 11, followed by the 12 mini. The cinematic mode on 13 coupled with the enhanced battery life is why I would want to upgrade to the new series. But watching the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro features has me tilting back to my first love – Google. 

Thanks to the pandemic and the clear shortage of chips, these phones are definitely going to take time to make their way to the Middle East. With each passing day, the value of my iPhone also keeps depreciating. Some big decisions will be made over the next two months on which way to jump. 

I also completely moved into the Apple ecosystem having acquired Air pods, the new M1 MacBook Pro and the Apple Watch Series 4. It’s going to be real hard for me to move out of this space, unless something really irks me with Apple. Waiting for more hands on reviews on the Pixel 6. I am seriously impressed with companies beginning to make their own chips and this can only get better with time. 

Thanks to a public holiday, this is a protracted forthcoming weekend. Manchester United will take on Atalanta in a must-win game and I am very confident we are gonna get through this. 

Liverpool’s chinks in the armor were exposed yesterday. My gut feeling is, we are gonna win both the games this week. 

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