Only murders in the building

I must admit, it has definitely been a while since a TV show really impressed me. Back in the days, it used to be Breaking Bad, That 70s Show, Friends, Fresh Prince of Bel Air et al, Prison Break, House MD. 

I spent yesterday watching the last four episodes of season 1. I am not sure if I can put to words the different elements that makes this show simply fantastic. 

There is a theater feel to it. The narration is politely inquisitive. The acting is never overboard. The background scores keeps the mystery rolling. The direction of photography is fantabulous. A murder mystery gets a kick right before even be begin the first episode and it simply keeps building. 

The fact that the show is limited to a few key performers makes it even more engaging and endearing. If you want a relaxing, comical murder mystery, you can’t miss out on this one. I know I will definitely be looking out for Season 2 on this one. 

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