Thoughts before the Manchester Derby today

I watched the mid week Atlanta game passively. I was not pumped up by the fact that we thrashed Spurs 0-3. There is no amount of optimism or hope that can restore my confidence in Ole’s leadership. His press conferences are a testament to how he will never change to adapt to a ruthless winning formula. 

There is no doubt that I am worried about today. City is wounded after the defeat to Palace. Viera pulled off a masterclass outclassing City with a well conceived plan. Numbers have always been kind to OIe when facing City. City is one of the reasons why United fans always have a false sense of security of Ole’s team always managing to draw or pull the odd win against top 6 teams. 

The Euros have not done us any good. Last year it was all about the truncated summer thanks to a delayed end to the prior season and lack of a proper pre-season. This time around the issue is with the Euros keeping half our defense pre-occupied and completely drained to return to a new season. 

Prior to the Euros, Maguire and Shaw were the top performing two in the back 5. They have never been the same this season. While we United fans are exhilarated of the star studded acquisitions in the summer, there seems to be a disruption in the equilibrium of how the team was developing. Arrival of Ronaldo almost seemed like a new manager beginning a fresh tenure at a new club. The turn around of fans returning to stadiums has kept chiseling into a problem that persisted all throughout the previous season – the consistent way of going behind in games. 

What was lacking in the Liverpool game was the intensity and desire to play for the shirt. I hope we are not served anything as tepid as that ever again, not like we haven’t been thrashed before by City, but two thrashings in the span of the month SHOULD result in sacking Ole. 

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