Manchester United 0 – 2 Manchester City

It is an embarrassment to be a United fan now. Getting thrashed by Liverpool seemed to be nothing compared to what we went through last day. Tactically beaten by one’s own manager before even kicking the ball.

In order to save his job, he made 11 top players look absolutely inept at home in front of 76000 fans. He sits there presiding watching how futile his tactics are and doesn’t even have the tactical sense to change what is wrong. How stupid can a manager be to see his team unable to conjure any form of play, forget even getting the ball.

It took him half time to even change the formation. As a fan watching the game on television itself felt awful. Imagine the plight of the 76k there.

No true fan can ever endorse this punishment of suffering watching this team absolutely hapless against bitter derby rivals. Such is his arrogance and confidence of being in the job that he thinks the players are going to play for him to the hilt. The players are fed up of looking like fools on the pitch. The dressing room is no longer with him. Even if they return from the international break, they are not going to play for this manager.

The run of fixtures in October and November is so bad that there is no way he can survive being awful these two months and then going on a run. The list of players United will be losing if this guy stays for the rest of the season is growing day-by-day. Pray for us Manchester United fans.

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