2021 has been a year of sorts. Second-year of a pandemic. 2 years without a vacation. Mundane life with family away for most of 2021. I am more than happy to see the back of this year. I reunite with my family for the last two weeks of this calendar year.

My second child is 2 months old now and I am yet to see her in person, hold her and smother her with love. Good and bad, both come to an end. Hope to make it very productive for all in the coming days.

To cap it, starting with a new job today in a city closer to home. In 2020, I used to commute 180 km daily to work. In the midst of a pandemic, with no breaks, there have been points where I did push myself into a corner. Exercise, motivation and self-belief that the corner is just around are what keep driving me through.

As with every work I have taken up so far, I look forward to committing to patient-centric care in one of the crowded cities of Kuwait and hope to be an asset to the firm and to the family in the coming years.

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