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Second wave

A growing number of cases all over the world is threatening to disrupt the next couple of months. There is no doubt that the general easing of restrictions all over the world and the arrival of vaccines harbingering hope, it is only human to take the foot of personal protection. But at what expense? With…

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Drishyam 2

After doing some late night chores, I decided to tune in to Drishyam 2 on Amazon prime at 0130 in the night. Might not have been such a bright idea watching alone in low volume in the dark when fam is sleeping. Sequels have to live up. And the intriguing nature of a crime thriller…

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One step forward, two back

After the high of a 9-0 victory mid week, we expected a victory at the least against Everton. But it wasn’t to be. It was one of those nights when a draw felt like a defeat. Twice from winning positions we gave the game away thanks individual errors and not putting chances to bed.  Easily…

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After a torrid week losing momentum to in the top of the league, could any game have been offered on a platter like playing against 10 men for 90 minutes?! There was this unusual urgency in Manchester United’s game and obviously it was only a matter of time before they were pinging in goals for…

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