Anthony Martial

I would take Martial’s word over Ralf any day.

Aston Villa 2-2 Manchester United

For a change, that was a good performance. Do not ask me why. They could have easily thrashed 4 past us, but for De Gea. Thankfully, score justifies the performance of both teams. It is a step forward for Manchester United, but the fault lines are clear. Ralf might be good at theory, but his in-play tactics are poor. His substitutions are abysmal. His reaction is non-existent. Van de Beek and Lingard in at 88 minutes, that is quite a joke.

I am not going to delve much into this game but I am confident we won’t make top 4.

Dynamic duo Rashford and Martial

Once upon a time, these two lit up the theatre of dreams. Unfortunately for them, they never had a stable coaching setup to thrive. Pace, agility, dribbling, control, long distance shooting, intricate passing, a perfect dynamic duo. Hugging the wing and centre forward, these two combined to create some spectacular counter attacking goals over the years. The aging forwards that kept turning up in United – the likes of Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, Cavani destroyed the chemistry these two cherished up front. They continue to be questioned for their commitment, their perseverance and their desire to play for the shirt. One only has to look back to see how they adorned the jersey with pride. I did not imagine this would be the way they will part, but it is what it is. Life moves on.

Grit and fight in the FA Cup

Even though we were outplayed for a good length of the game, I am very happy with the effort put in by the players. They played for the shirt, even though they were poor in some parts of their game. Rashford rightfully got criticized for some of his actions on the pitch, nevertheless, he did put in a fight and a shift. Players throwing themselves into tackles raked up the spirit.

I would have preferred Bruno to not have started this game and Cavani on the bench. Instead, we went for safety and surety and got away with it. Rangnick’s substitutions were not convincing and I think he just got away. Defence in the absence of Maguire definitely way more compact.

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