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The nights we live for

Scintillating performance from Manchester United. So unbecoming of the start to their season. Tactically astute, players sticking to the plan, defending as a team and breaking with pace and quality. In fact, I cannot remember a single game in the last year where the team was so effective in all fronts. Each and every player…

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Rest in peace Dr. Anoop

Just like much of rest of the fraternity, the news broke out to me sometime early yesterday. In the midst of our mourning the demise of our great Amir Sheikh Sabah, it was painstaking to even sit through and read the narrations on what happened to a young enterprising healthcare provider. This is not a…

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Gameweek 2, same old story

What exactly is frustrating about second game of the premier league for united this season? It depicted the same tepid performance as the first. First team players appearing unfit, out of touch and terrible in general play. Think they all sleep before coming to the game. They get going only towards the half time. Imagine.…

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