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100 k

If you told me at the beginning of the year that I would run 100 km, who would you be kidding? But we (me and my friend Wasif) kickstarted 2021 with a desire to achieve. Wasif was on-call on New Years eve and had a rough night. He called me early morning to say he…

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The numbers don’t lie. Take them with a pinch of salt, but overall mortality  due to COVID19 in India is significantly lower than other large nations like USA.  Why is that? I would like to reflect on my own story I am an Indian born in 1985 in the State of Kuwait. My parents used…

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Incredible India

The sort of performance that gives you goosebumps. Down in the dumps, most embarrassing start to the series, the worse ever defeat by an Indian team and then injury defying comebacks. The way the youngsters, debutants took the game by the grip of its neck and demonstrated a maturity that is simply unbelievable. I don’t…

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Powerful start to 2021

As planned in advance, me and my friend Dr. Wasif decided to hit the track for a half marathon on Jan 1. Two hours of running. I used the Nike Coach to help me get through it. I did it at a much slower pace than my usual runs to ensure that I made it…

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Closing the 2020 chapter

A different year indeed. I completed the second year of my work contract of my second stint in Kuwait. As I sign my third and final contract with the current firm, I look back on at how contrasting the two years have been. 2019 was all about returning to Kuwait, relocating from Kochi life and…

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