Manchester United 0 – 1 Aston Villa

Fair to say am not impressed with this team line-up.

Hope to see a day when McTominay and Fred will not be starting for United. I love McTominay but the longer he plays with Fred, the more I want both of these to ship out of the first team.

I watched this game truncated. The early game came right in the middle of the end of my shift. But I was listening to The United Stand during my drive back home. 10 minutes into the second half, I managed to watch the rest of the game.

I do not want to go too elaborate into this game, but it epitomizes our coaching and the manager. 4 defenders, 2 holding midfielders sitting deep, playing slowball, longball with zilch creativity in the midfield. None of the chances were converted up front. Mason Greenwood was on a mission to not pass the ball to Ronaldo. Bruno was not giving any free kick or any penalty to Ronaldo. We easily could have scored 3 goals in the first half. But it did not go in. So individual brilliance FC got exposed.

Mason had a fantastic start to the season chipping in with goals with shady games where we never performed up to the mark. Ronaldo coming in has kind of messed up everything. Ole is getting exposed very fast. With Ronaldo or Cavani, we are carrying a player. He will get us goals, but we are one player light. As a result, Ole is shit scared now of conceding. So he just cannot fathom not playing a back 6, even though Varane is now in our backline.

Personally, I feel the players are turning. With Ronaldo in the squad, Varane and Sancho in, Bruno and Van de Beek and the ilk, inviting some of the top available managers would be something that United should consider. Some really good managers are available and will be more than happy to take this team to its heights. There is enough quality players in this team that do not want the year before a World Cup to go down the drain. They will get him sacked. I feel even Fred and Scott are dropping their standards to make it obvious.

Good luck Ole. Hope to be discussing about you still by Christmas.

Thevarazhikom family reunion 2014

When all of us are in different parts of the world, it is indeed hard to get everyone together, but I have been fortunate to have my entire family available for my wedding.

Following the wedding and after party, we had a dine out at The Raviz. I hope we can all get together again soon – we still have two more of our siblings yet to get married!

Why watching Manchester United is frustrating

Quite something has been spoken about Ole’s demeanour on the sidelines during the Carabao Cup defeat to West Ham. Understandable people want him to fall into certain cliches when it comes to managing a United team. This is primarily grown out of the assumption that Ole plays Sir Alex football. On the contrary, he has his own identity in managing a team.

With the breakthrough performance of a series of wins after Jose Mourinho left, his role as a caretaker was pumped with the effervescence of fresh breath and the belief that he will bring back the attacking style of football of yester and the never say never mentality of Sir Alex.

Three years down the line, with significant glitters in the team lineup, his identity is to concede less and score less. No matter where things went wrong, it is pretty evident there will be an exodus of players quite possibly as early as in January. World Cup is around the corner, and players will want playtime to play for their country. Many of the players that Ole does not consider first-team enough are/were national players before he started going to ‘pragmatism’ mode.

The defeat in a Cup that we had a shot at is primarily because these players who were put out to play in this game had no interest in performing for the team or being consistent Carabao cup players. It was evident with the way Martial put himself around. Imagine being surrounded by Sancho, Mata and Lingard in the attack. Mata with no legs, Lingard with his own personal agenda and Sancho, who is yet to find his own feet. Playing at home did not help these players. They ended up dancing to the tunes of the 73k that turned up while Ole just stood and watched them denigrate.

If this drab safe football is not going to get us trophies at the very least, #OleOut, please.

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