Category: Life of a Post Graduate Doctor

42 months 4 days

I had just returned from Sabarimala after a satisfying reunion with Swami Ayyappan and my close family. When I enquired at the Medical HR in my hospital, I realized I had 16 days of casual leave left in the calendar year.. 16 out of a possible 20! I could not believe I had only taken…

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The road trip..

Its been so long since I blogged that I actually need to check the page to see when was the last time. Restarting after a long break with my snaps from my last road trip to the southern most tip of India. A trip that was born out of nowhere in the middle of a…

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Love you daddy!

  A year ago I had blogged on the same. 365 days down the line, we are both one more year younger. Time seems to have run away from me. The never ending post graduate life limits all social life to the small computer in the corner of the hostel room. And yet I put…

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