Oru Kuprasidha Payyan – Malayalam Movie Review

There was rush aplenty at PVR for second show last night. Lots of school going kids in for movies. Nowadays I book blindly for Tovino movies. He is that good. And of course Madhupal was directing it. So it was worth the visit.


The movie was slower than what I anticipated, especially in the first half, however being a crime thriller, it does begin to pick pace in the second half. Stellar performance yet again from Tovino. Pretty much everybody else is second fiddle in the movie. I am not a great fan of Nimisha, but she had a lovely role in this one. Many might appreciate the levels of her acting, though I felt, more justice could have been done.

Stalwarts like Nedumudi Venu and Siddique leave lasting effects with their roles, but the prime purpose the movie serves is in addressing a lot of social issues.


The movie does perpetrate a motion of distrust in the investigating agencies of the nature and takes sides with innocents who get trapped in the beautifully crafted case diaries.

It’s a one time watch and I would give it 3 on 5.

96 Movie Review

Two prime actors – Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha Krishnan. Whilst the latter is the heartthrob of millennials like me, Vijay has also found a space in my heart as a wonderful actor.


We booked for this movie knowing it’s a romantic flick, likely with strong emotional undertones.

The PVR second show was jam packed on a Monday night. Pretty unusual even for Kochi standards. Showed how good the movie was too.

first look of Vijay Sethupathi-Trisha starrer '96'
first look of Vijay Sethupathi-Trisha starrer ’96’

In this day and age, when we go to watch movies of various genres that live up to the times of today, this movie with its raw unedited pure love which struck down every individual in the school days as their first love is portrayed with such finesse. The direction and cinematography along with the background score takes us through a journey of love, a journey that I haven’t revisited in so long.


It calls out to all the people who believes in true love, how circumstances affect their lives and how true love, especially first love thrives.

This is no one way track love story. Take your loved ones, or dear friends to watch this one. There is no fight sequence. There is no drinking, there is no item song.


This movie takes you on a ride, a ride down memory lane, as you see yourself lost in that character, and you believe true love is the winner no matter how circumstances change.

It’s taken 10 months this year, but easily my favorite movie of 2018!

My rating: 4.5 on 5

Theevandi – Malayalam Movie Review

Went for the 715 pm show at Gold PVR yesterday. After a depressing start to Chingam with the floods, the return of the malayalam movies was definitely a mood refreshener.

The song ‘Jeevamshamayi’ had been about for quite some time. By now I am a big fan of Tovino T. He just simply blends into his role so beautifully.


The star cast of this August Cinema productions is full of State and National Award winners. There is not enough reasons why one should not watch this one.


Maybe 16+ would be the rating for this movie to come to terms with all the issues addressed here. I have read already a couple of reviews where people claim the second half dragged on. Whilst the first half delves into the storyline with lot more humor and substance, the second half is what this movie is all about. Cruise through the first with light fun and concentrate in the second. Your heart will be warm. My love for Tovino grows each day. Keep performing. I enjoy watching you.

There are lot of life lessons to learn in this one. Subtle but perfectly put across. I could see myself sit there and realize how my life is learning from the ebb and flow as we grow.

Go out there to watch this for some good humor, excellent acting and a beautiful message. Pinne TovinoT.. final scene lesham koodipoyo…. 😛 😛

Movie Review: Koode [Malayalam]

Back to back movie bingeing is required to maintain my Fifa World Cup withdrawal. Fortunately the week has quite some good watches in store. Today I watched Koode at PVR.

You can’t fault me for blanket booking a movie by Ms. Menon. We expect. But what if its a combination of Ranjith and Anjali? Mesemerizing to say the least.


It’s a bit on the slower narrative. It unlocks the mind of a scarred child that had his childhood taken away from him. It deals with life after death in a refreshing way. The bubbly Nazriya renders a lovable life to the movie. Parvathy stays in her zone, whilst Prithvi works hard out of his skin to hold his forte with the ease of Nazriya.


The heart remains heavy for most of the movie. What keeps it endearing is the picturesque location chosen as the set and the sedate heartwarming music. I first listened to Raghu whilst he performed live around 12 years ago at JIPMER, Puducherry. I was participating the SPANDAN intermedical collegiate football tournament. I loved his voice texture and the earthly feel to his music.  I was really glad he also gave vocals in the end. It just took the final build a notch up.

Take your family to this one. Take the ones you love to this one. They will love you even more.

My rating: 4 / 5.

Movie Review: Neerali [Malayalam]

All along the week, I have been hearing promotions on FM radio stations with featured Nadia Moidu interviews. I didn’t realize Neerali was releasing this week, but I had a quiet Sunday morning to burn before the blockbuster sporting evening began (Wimbledon Mens Final and Fifa World Cup Final).

I ran through my PVR to find seats available for Neerali. Its release weekend and if seats are available, you can be assured the movie is not doing that great.

Once the movie began, PVR Gold had only 60% occupancy. I did go for a morning show, which not many people take unless it’s a declared blockbuster already.

The movie as the trailer depicts begins with a precarious cliff hanging situation for the lead actor as he battles life and death. The director weaves in a tirade of scenarios of the past in and out of the present as numerous social issues are addressed throughout the movie.

The fact that bulk of the movie is epicentered around one of the greatest actor India has ever produced, stranded in a vehicle, it also meant that there were limits to how much of his potential could be squeezed out of the situation.

I don’t do reviews to send out spoilers. But it is a worthwhile movie for families to watch. The cinematography is brilliant. The music and background score keeps us engaged throughout.

Infertility, father – daughter relations, good friendships crossing the red line into romance are all addressed in it in varying ways. People from all walks of life can relate to multitude of scenarios as they seem to be carved out of their life and put on screen.

This is not for those who want to watch a classic Mohanlal movie. There is a lot of good that comes across when we leave the theater. You will have to wait for it, but it is definitely a movie family will enjoy

 My rating: 3 on 5. 

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