I don’t know what is up with 2018 but it convinced me to watch a movie in a that I already watched in 2017. There was just too many things going right in this movie for me to watch it again. Couple of things against it as well..the couple being the two toddlers, one sitting in the row in front of me and the other behind, crying during the first visit to the theatre.. Lol.

I went to watch it without seeing the trailer, but knowing it’s an AA (Aashiq Abu) flick. Being just into my early thirties, this is the sort of film that resonates with me and am sure a lot of people in my age group. It deals with so many facets of relations that we have without creating any form of cinematic melodrama. Every scene seems to pinch some form of resemblance to our day to day lives, especially us who live in the heart of Kochi.

The background music and cinematography takes the movie to a complete different level as AA weaves his magic. A movie that brings the audience so close to the two prime characters of the movie. AA shows how an entire movie can be made with essentially only two real characters filling it up to the brim. There are moments of inspiration, even in this day and age when our lives are so fast paced.

When I walk out of the theatre, watching this movie, my faith in love is reinforced. Add your two teaspoons of love to everything you do, life just gets beautiful.

A weekend of Fidaaa

It’s big-time study mode in this part of the household nowadays. To break the monotony we opted to head out for a random movie on a Sunday noon. I just opened up Bookmyshow and saw this 1 pm show of Sai Pallavi. A dubbed Telugu film, looked like a couple of movie and off we went. The theatre was more than half empty.

The movie was all about Sai though. Her energy, effervescence and enthusiasm are so infectious all throughout as she bubbles in and out of scenes, making us laugh, admire her dancing skills, and also bring tears. Some of the most touching moments in the movie are the questioning of the patriarchal system of women having to leave their homes in marriage. Just like a mother-son relation, the sanctity of the father-daughter relation is well depicted here. Every daughter who believes their dad is their first and only hero, would love this.

It has enough family and couple moments to cherish with good music and beauty of India to go with. My wife says it’s been a while since we saw a cheesy movie, but hey, I loved going back to the cheesy old movie days!!

Clint – Malayalam Movie Review

It’s been a long week. A pretty hectic one to be precise. And the Saturday just didn’t seem to end for either of us…stuck at work. So we needed to detox. I had seen a trailer of Clint online couple of days ago. (Just for information, I had no clue or knowledge about Clint). Looked up for seats and PVR had it. Booked online and resumed work. After managing to find a park space in the ever crowded Lulu, I waded in through the human traffic that defines the mall on weekends. Having got to the theatre and bought my customary popcorn, I waited. The screen did not open until ten minutes after the scheduled time. Following trailers, ads and of course the customary (I am proud to be an Indian) anthem, the movie began.


A biopic – with a real life start and end to it. Having had no knowledge at all of Clint, it was an experience to cherish. There were just 5 of us in the entire screening to watch it. The present generation clammered into the entertainers in the other screens. Just goes to speak of how the times have changed. Story of a prodigy who with the limited amount of years of life envisaged life way more than humans do in the first 4 decades of their life. A journey of peace, driving forces of imagination, understanding mother nature more than many other human beings.


If you are a lady who breaks when the happiness meter runs out, then be prepared for the second half. It breaks you for the good. It is good to shed a tear or a bucket full at the end of this movie. There are multiple facets envisaged in this journey. A father – son relation. A mother – son relation. A boy – girl relation.

The caliber of the actors in the movie is outstanding. The team delivers very strongly the message. Unni does a fantastic role as the dad as he goes through an avalanche of emotions. Rima ‘s voice is still ringing in my ears – nothing beats a mothers love. And no matter what,  every child cherishes to lie in the arms of their mother knowing that the father is there beside protecting them both. This is a must watch for all the present generation youth – there is much to learn, much to do. I look forward to reading more about Clint. Always had a weakness for people who live through the eyes of nature.

I felt sad yet at the same time very enriched after walking away from the theater. Movies like this realign the real purpose of life.

My rating: 4.5 / 5.

Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol review

My first visit to Centre Square Mall Kochi and what better movie to kick-start it with than a Mohanlal starrer. 

I think this is a must watch for all generations in this time and age. It deals with the usual problems of a family that has been set to reflect the present time. 

The combination of Mohanlal and Meena as such is a huge crowd puller as reflections of pass success stories of this couple still resonate in our memories vividly. 

The eloquent delivery of loving the wife, I.e., regeneration of love that gets forgotten as time grows on us, it’s a gentle reminder to all people who are so preoccupied with life and forget to love. 

Be the role models for your kids that you want them to be. The upbringing is all that defines the boundaries of every persons grown up life. Cheers to parents who show us the right path like no other. 

You are being watched, whether you are willing to accept it or not.

It was gone and forgotten, but it came back again into my mind when I saw a trailer of the movie a couple of weeks ago. I knew I had to watch Snowden.

I reviewed a couple of documentaries in youtube before heading out to watch the movie last noon.

A few years back I got into a an argument with a couple of friends who were totally against sharing each and every minute of their lives on social media. They felt people pretended on social media, highlighting only the good times, making other people jealous, projecting only a particular facet of their lives.

Others felt when you are too busy having fun, there is no time to waste spending on gadgets. But it is important to understand technology has taken massive strides in the 21st century. Connectivity has erased distance in this huge world. Using any form of communication devices means you are being tracked. The extent to which is what Snowden revealed three years ago.  

The movie takes a lot of heart in it, based on the real life of a young vibrant individual who took a moral stand, one that would disrupt his entire life. For someone so young to even do something as bold as that, against the most powerful system in the world is crazy. But it exposed the harsh realities of the world we live in.

We as health workers are freaked out if we don’t take at least a consent, and in many cases informed consent. It is cause every human being on this earth has a basic right, which no one should be allowed to violate. Violation of such privacy for political reasons is simply unacceptable. A must watch movie.

The movie reminded me of this quote.

To have striven, to have made the effort, to have been true to certain ideals – this alone is worth the struggle. – William Osler.

Never lose your identity. Live up to your ideals and do not move with the flow.

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