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Rest in peace Dr. Anoop

Just like much of rest of the fraternity, the news broke out to me sometime early yesterday. In the midst of our mourning the demise of our great Amir Sheikh Sabah, it was painstaking to even sit through and read the narrations on what happened to a young enterprising healthcare provider. This is not a…

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We celebrated Onam today at my chittapan’s home. This of course being the weekend prior to Onam. Vaiga’s second Onam. First she had not much of a clue, this time she did enjoy some of the delicacies served. After having got my Apple Nike watch a fortnight ago, I have been slowly easing into a…

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Another twist in the script

After a no confidence motion in Kerala the previous day, any man with a common sense would look with suspicion when a fire breaks out in the secretariat and some files get ‘burnt’. When I heard this news, I am amazed at how this storyline is actually developing. In clinical medicine, we are taught to…

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