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Day 2 of Euro 2020. I watched much of Wales Switzerland. Had a few commitments after that, so decided to skip the Denmark Finland game. I was on a video call at home when my twitter feed started mentioning Eriksen. I turned on the tv to find the match suspended and Bein Sports studio in…

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Novak and Italy

Great start to another month of great sport. The French Open is coming to an end, and we had a cracker of Mens semis yesterday when Novak played another title winning performance beating Rafa at his home court. This is just Rafa’s third defeat on clay! What levels. Wow. Great start to Euro 2020. Turkey…

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Digital Detox

As I write, today 6th of June is when I am beginning my digital detox. Have some plans for productivity. Digital detox means essentially, staying removed from social media that is not worthy of time. Detaching me from tech is not happening as I am totally wired to devices every since I laid my eyes…

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Got an invite from my interior designer friend to join this. I am pretty hooked already. I could save my hands from carpal tunnel just listening to people during work hours and while doing chores. Considering my work involved using my wrists (ultrasound) and constant typing of reports on a keyboard, this is very welcome.…

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