Case of the Day: Fall from height

4 month old Moto X was seated in the comforts of the pouch of GE ultrasound maching Voluson E6 when his master tried to move him to the next room. His erroneous transfer to the safe confines of the pant pocket resulted in a fall from height of 3 feet. No initial loss of consciousness however vision has progressively reduced over the last 3 days.

Treatment of choice: Needs eye transplant.


The MOTOway

Two years ago, one fine evening I accompanied my friend to the Samsung Store to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note. I was randomly exploring the phones on display as we waited for the purchase to be completed. Little did I know that I would be falling in love with a windows phone in a store riddled with Android agents!


VBDSC_0773Omnia Wonder, the sequel to the Omnia, the only two Samsung smartphones to ever carry the Windows Os is likely to never ring a bell to the smartphone user world. When I came across it, I had not even heard of it. And even to date, not many know it exists.

What started off as googling up this phone after loving the lightning fast screen response, moved me into saving a month’s salary to buy this innocent beauty.

VBDSC_0774For two years, it performed with ease. The last 6 months I struggled to find a genuine battery replacement. Muddled by the success of the Android market, Samsung obliged to forget this phone. I had to opt for a fake battery eventually, but the OS never wavered. Never had a single crash. Dropped it a few times, but it came unscathed. Left it in my pocket for two years, just a single 5mm scratch.

I was seriously contemplating moving back into the world of Google, my first love. Moto G impressed me as the tough, rugged fellow, born out of Google’s womb with all its natural flavors. I added it to my wishlist on flipkart.

Five days ago, I received an SMS alert. Exchange your old and get 4000/- off the Moto X . I did not hesitate. I knew the time was right.


For a person who always loved the freedom of the Android, Kit Kat is awesome. To see notifications on your phone by merely holding it in your hand is remarkable. Good riddance of hitting the power button everytime to take you to the display. The ergonomics of the body is perfect grip for a single hand. Voice clarity is something that I missed. The dual core processor goes beyond its expectations. Am yet to test battery life and push the RAM. But I am happy with a not so big 4.7” screen with appearances pretty similar to my predecessor phone.


Samsung Omnia W – an experience, not a review

I was waiting eagerly for my April month salary. I had only one thing in my mind. A fortnight back, I had accompanied my colleague to Mobile World, the Samsung store in Padivattom, Cochin. He had already fixed his eyes on the Galaxy Note and was going to finally get it in his hands. Whilst he was setting up the phone for the first time, I was browsing at the other models on display.

Being an HTC user for the past 3 years, my first smartphone was a wonderful experience with two versions of Android, however the trouble was I no longer carried it that often to work since it’s battery never lasted as long as my working hours.

My eyes fixated on this simple looking yet somehow very business like appealing phone. I turned it on, and then I had my first experience of Windows Mango. It wasn’t the tiles interface that appealed to me, it was the touch screen and the smoothness of it. The phone felt so light on the hand and yet it has a screen of the same size as an iphone. The AMOLED screen powered by a 1.4GHz processor does not lie. You get the performance that Mango offers and deserves.

My first run of the phone after a full recharge with 7 apps running on 2G clocked 28 hours. The second run 37 hours with much lesser use on 2 working days proper.

I am genuinely socially networked and can’t be more happy since the integration is so simple with Linkedin, FB, twitter and Live.

Emailing is simply outstanding, The integration with the ease of access makes me wonder what I have been doing all the while with an Android phone.

For a smartphone, it genuinely eases up a lot of the basic functions. The threading of sms with fb messages is a good example.

Some people claim the camera is a disappointment, it is 5MP and it is not gonna deliver more than that and to expect more is stupid.

All in all am totally enjoying this new gem of a handset. It doesn’t have a lot of apps, it doesnt have fancy home screens. It suits me and maybe some day it will catch up or even move beyond the rest.

Samsung Omnia W is probably the best handset in the midrange smartphone price, which delivers so much power and quality against the ones standing up against it.

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