When down in the dumps, Manchester United delivered. There was grit, identity and desire from minute one to forge ahead and win the game. Something that was clearly lacking midweek. Bruno pulled off a magicians work while the team worked for the cause. The standard back four did their job with proper midfield cover. Forward…

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Flu to fitness

Nearing a month since the seasonal flu came home, it as expected hit my fitness routine and today finally I went for a run after a while. It feels great to sweat again and hope this is a run to enjoy this month.

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Time for Pogba to step down

The midweek European game scoreline was flattering. I missed much of the second half as I slept through it. But despite a long day at work, I managed to bear the pain of watching every minute of 94 plus against Arsenal yesterday. Terrible team selection to begin with, more horrendous changes eventually and the dirty…

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The nights we live for

Scintillating performance from Manchester United. So unbecoming of the start to their season. Tactically astute, players sticking to the plan, defending as a team and breaking with pace and quality. In fact, I cannot remember a single game in the last year where the team was so effective in all fronts. Each and every player…

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