Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

I type this blog post as the second half begins. The first half was so sluggish and abysmal. Absolute lacklustre performance from midfield and the forward line. Very little movement of the ball, very predictable and boring. Ominous signs of the season ahead.

Bit more urgency in the second half but still is a bit too late.. Going down at home in the first half is not the way to go about things. Crystal Palace simple and incisive. United toothless and ball mongering.

Lots more urgency and bit more desperation in United’s play. Same story as last season. It all always begins a bit too late.

What are the odds on missing another penalty? The attacking outfit has been awful. Daniel James unlucky to be booked for diving. Poor lad is gonna have a tag of diving before he begins any game now. Great job refs.

Class from James to grab the equalizer, but classlessness from De Gea means its a defeat. Great going United. Hope you manage a top ten this season.

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