Kalyana Samayal Saadham


I recall my wife asking me to watch this one quite some time back. She emphasized on how much it resonated with our life. I finally got my hands on it this week and watched it today.

It was in many ways a trip down memory lane. A lane I had so recently traversed. It made me stop and think of all the small memories that we innocently created out of nothing, and it was amazing to see something so similar in reel life.


It also makes me miss you even more. <3. Can only thank the big fellow up there wherever he is, for offering the biggest gift I could ever have in my life. It is nearly becoming a year since I for some stupid reason decided to pounce on a new job opportunity. And to be honest, I feel like it’s been ages! No matter how much virtual ‘connectivity’ seems to bring us together; nothing equates to the joy of being beside you, to laugh with you, to hear you crib, to go for a late night drive and crash at a CCD, to do nothing all day long on the weekend and just lie beside you.
To our next reunion, real soon, mwah.

Turning the clock back..

366 days = 31,622,400 seconds = 527,040 minutes = 8784 hours = 52 weeks

1st anniv post

Exactly a year on after meeting the love of my life, I take a moment to roll back how exponentially our relation has developed over a span of one year.

It all started on that very day when it had to be a make or break visit to meet the girl on Vishu, the auspicious beginning of the Malayalam calendar. I had chosen to be as frank as possible on that day, after all putting it all out seemed a much better option to let the other person assess than later regret.

VBSeptember 11, 2013

I still recall very well the way I talked for almost two hours to this girl whom I had not met before. As a person who does not strike a comfortable conversation with a total stranger, I found it a way of relieving the anxiety to keep talking to keep the scary silence between two strangers away.

VBSeptember 01, 2013

What started as a casual conversation between two strangers, traversed through numerous phases throughout the year from one liner text messages to pulling all nighters on the phone. The period was one of anticipation, curiosity and an overwhelming desire to know more of each other.

As the hours grew in, we kept finding common grounds to rant on, and soon we were becoming friends, very good ones. The slow but steady manner in which we let both of us to settle to be an integral part of each other’s lives were most evident when a day without hearing from her made me feel incomplete.

I grew into my relation so much so that I can state with assurance that she is my only confidante* on earth right now (*God is of course included in all the deeds 🙂 ).

VBOctober 30, 2013When we met so early last year, I feared whether there would be too much time, as I had mentally prepared myself for a 2014 wedding. 10 years after getting out of school, and still ‘studying’ thanks to being a medicine student, KILLS ME! So I wanted to make sure that when I marry my lady, I am standing on my feet (even if it’s just one foot, hell I just wanna stand dammit!)

But it panned out way better than we both expected. Apart by distance, there was an element of excitement tinged to all the isolated limited times we got to spend together and those made the few hours we got together in a few months time, all the more precious.

As I stand at the end of one year of meeting my lady, I must admit, I am thankful to God for sprinkling our relation with the right amount of salt and pepper, not only spicing up but balancing the journey together.

As unfortunate as it is that we are unable to spend our first anniversary together, it is a befitting representation of our relation. I came across this quote online,

A part of you has grown in me
And so you see, it’s you and me
Together forever and never apart,
Maybe in distance, but never in heart.

Happy first anniversary sweetheart! ❤

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