Top 3 – Ole has done it!

Bruno Fernandes has been pivotal in the United resurgence. Undoubtedly, Pogba since his injury and his return has not really returned to full throttle. But the incessantly operating engine of Bruno has ensured Ole’s goals have been achieved.

There was a pinch of nervousness all throughout the game yesterday to be honest. United has seen a dip in form and results in the terminal end of the season with injuries and in general player fatigue.

But to finish top 3 considering the shape we were in is fantastic for all the criticism that Ole took. There is no denying that what could have been a comfortable top three, ended up in a final match dash.

Good thing is nevertheless we will hopefully get the much needed signings over the break to compete in the Champions League like the yester years. GGMU!

Glorious United

These football matches that come after a break are always inviting, especially when it is a fixture that fits into my free time. Expectations are low when United plays nowadays, nevertheless, the form against top teams has been ever impressive this season, so there was hope. Bruno showing off his set piece in training made it all the more exciting.

This game was by no means a one sided affair. If any, Chelsea had more opportunities, appeared way more fluid and more likely to score in pretty much the entire first half. The front five of United appeared disjointed until Martial leaped on to head one in before half time. With a good mix of meaty tackles, and of course VAR getting involved quite often, the energy and fiesty nature festered throughout the game.

Whilst the result is flattering, will be interesting to see how United follows this one up in the Europa League.

A step closer to reaching out to top 4, a step in the right direction.


I would like to summarize Manchester United’s performance with that one word. An excellent team effort, but sparks continue from the feet of Dan James, whilst Williams at full back is burning the turf. Excellent composure in the final third. He has an awesome footballing brain.

A fit Martial coupled with Rashford is too hot to handle with Dan James ready to serve these two on a plate. Matic eased into the midfield like he has been there all day allowing Fred to pull the strings as he likes.

I was a bit disappointed with the quality of play of Andreas, however his grit is what ended up with the perfect pass.

Scintillating performance by Rashford, who looks confident, strong, and deadly in both open play and deadball situations. There is this great confidence surging in the veins of all United players.

What is even more exciting is that the late kick off meant United knew they could go fifth if they won. This signs off a great month of comeback – nothing like the best time to peak in December.

May this bring the best out of the second half of the season. GGMU.

Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

I type this blog post as the second half begins. The first half was so sluggish and abysmal. Absolute lacklustre performance from midfield and the forward line. Very little movement of the ball, very predictable and boring. Ominous signs of the season ahead.

Bit more urgency in the second half but still is a bit too late.. Going down at home in the first half is not the way to go about things. Crystal Palace simple and incisive. United toothless and ball mongering.

Lots more urgency and bit more desperation in United’s play. Same story as last season. It all always begins a bit too late.

What are the odds on missing another penalty? The attacking outfit has been awful. Daniel James unlucky to be booked for diving. Poor lad is gonna have a tag of diving before he begins any game now. Great job refs.

Class from James to grab the equalizer, but classlessness from De Gea means its a defeat. Great going United. Hope you manage a top ten this season.

A game of two halves

Whilst I did manage to watch the entire 90+ minutes of football action of Manchester United’s second game this season, what was perturbing was the lack of plan B when the tide turned.

The first half was sedate, cautious, controlled and resulted in a fruitful goal through some lovely movement off the flanks. Secondly we did a fantastic job in negating them tactically. Understable for the cautious approach considering we had a torrid last season playing them.

They were clearly in a different mood as they began the second half, and it was surprising how immature and inexperienced we looked as Wolves pressed and harried the team. The inevitability was a fantastic goal to bring them level.

But it took us longer to regain control of the game, to change the tide back. Once chances were created, the lack of incisive finishing let us down. This one must remember, is not the fag end of a season. The beginning of a new season having had the entire squad for a full pre season. What was even more disheartening was the passivity of the coach in the second half to counter the haplessness on the turf. When push came to shove, looked like we had nothing on the bench to bring in plan B.

Many players wearing the shirt has to question their performance, no doubt. I expect a response in the next game, but the mood is still the same as last season.

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