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The growing intolerance

Over the last six months, I have taken a concerted effort to wean myself off social media. I have been a social media faithful for over ten years and it’s not been easy. So why exactly is it no longer fun to hang in there? Well, as a person who grew up reading books, newspapers,…

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Living the internet life

Some of us get infuriated encountering our overzealous ‘friend(s)’ in social media especially facebook who go on updating every other minute of their life. When I came across these two pictures recently on the same network, with people vehemently sharing their antipathy, it made me wonder.. Nowadays if you are on road, you just need…

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Inspired by the Uma Bharti Tape

I was watching Arnab Goswami on the News Hour last night vociferously gunning down the members of his panel when this thought crossed my mind. The BJP representative stated opinions change over a period of time. The tape related to an incident 7 years back. Now irrespective of why she has a different opinion about…

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