Time to say goodbye to Flickr

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So I wake up to this email from Flickr saying, we are the largest photography community online, blah-blah and so we are making this free and paid. Those with already above 1000 uploads can either download and f*** off or pay us 50 USD per year to stay.

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Decisions are easy to make nowadays when there are numerous other free portals to market your work. Instagram and the cheap Google One storage.

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Whilst I look to login and delete my account, the whole login to yahoo is disabled at the moment. Will wait for a bit and then disappear from Flickr forever.


Youtube Travelogue debut

Yes, it is not gonna be that fancy, but whilst on vacation and rummaging through my hard disks, I realized I have quite a bit of content captured over a period of time that deserves to be sorted up and put in the public domain. While I do have time right now, it is probably wise to finish off the back log and henceforth  do post processing of audiovisuals immediately after a trip.

I am beginning with this year and rolling back and as a start am getting all the videos put up in Youtube, whilst the photographs need to go up most likely in Flickr and Facebook Page.

Soon I will put up blog entries of trips to different places that I make.

6 years into blogging, I have not been able to do justice to my write ups thanks to immersing myself in sharpening my skills to provide optimal patient care. #Excited   

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