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Allez allez allez..

Passion for football begins for me with the 1998 World Cup. In 8th standard, I was accustomed to taking sides. But to watch the same nation grab the trophy after 20 years is simply amazing. I fancied Belgium to win the world cup. But the way France shut them out, there was no way any…

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Bonne nuit France

  I stared at the team sheets on my Twitter feed. France, as expected went with their expected starting lineup. Matuidi returned to strengthen the squad after his suspension. I looked up at the Belgium lineup and wow, it did look odd. Dembele thrusted into midfield, Chadli thrown to the right, De Bruyne to the…

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Quarter Finals beckon

The last 48 hours have been miserable, especially when football runs in your veins. So much so that I watched Sanju as a filler. Similarly mother nature also seemed to be feeling the withdrawal. No rains in Kochi in the last 48 hours. But as I type this today, early in the morning of the…

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