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Bell Curve

India is currently into the third leg of battling COVID19. Apparently it should not be called a lockdown, because unlike the prior two, plenty of easing up is seen in restrictions with zonal divisions of the nation based on disease load. The inept governance that GoI is known for under Modi means, the number of…

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The fungus that keeps growing.

As a citizen of India, it pains for each one of us to actually see what exactly is happening right now within the country. The government apparently feels fulfilling all of its promises is the way forward, even at a time when the country’s economy is in doldrums. So what exactly are the priorities of…

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National Voters Day – Jan 25

When I read the paper today morning, it said at 2pm today, the District Collector would inaugurate the 60th National Voters Day event and thereby initiate the distribution of the Voters ID. Mom having applied 2 months ago, needed me to collect it for her. So after a sumptuous lunch I took a lazy half…

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