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Ode to Elle.

This year has definitely not sped through, but blogging in the 11th month of the year means we are at the fag end. Every year is a new year in every persons life and so it has been for us watching out little baby Vaiga grow up. It also marked the transition of our body,…

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Kalyana Samayal Saadham

  I recall my wife asking me to watch this one quite some time back. She emphasized on how much it resonated with our life. I finally got my hands on it this week and watched it today. It was in many ways a trip down memory lane. A lane I had so recently traversed.…

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Eternal Love..

Taking a day out to celebrate love is seeming to be more of a religious and political issue that it doesn’t deserve. With time constraints, self inflicted, thanks to trying to make a living, makes us seem insensitive and plagued by ‘going with the flow’ clichés. So many things nowadays happen with the flow in…

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