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Hours away from 2020

How quickly has another year passed. In a weeks time, it will be one year since my return to Kuwait. There is plenty to ponder as this year has been a year of change and travails. Learning to live with a baby has been a massive transition. One year down the line, me and my…

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Web of life

I didn’t mull over 2015 as the year grinded to a halt. I was already into 2016 with plans to move ahead without much of a hoo haa. 2015 was a year that saw me transitioning from one phase of my career to another; moving to homeland and working in a country am proud to…

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Ushering 2014..

I had an unexpected off the road casual conversation with a total stranger last evening. I was amazed by how that person gauged me, decided to share some perspective on life, shed by day to day experiences. It is rare to find like minded people but it got me thinking, for a minute to stop…

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