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The Trupti Swipe

I had a rest day yesterday. I believe that’s what they call it in the fitness world. I just felt lazy after three days of intense workout. So I wake up today morning fully motivated and ready to burn. I make my morning green lemon tea and turn the tv on as I sip it.…

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Kollam Pooram

When it comes to Pooram, the name that pops up in any Malayali’s head is Thrissur Pooram. Well Kollam Pooram is the equivalent of it in South Kerala. I was able to attend it the last couple of years and been yearning to blog on it.  A half day holiday is usually given for all…

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In the Name of GOD

Finally bought myself a bicycle and been more than happy to drive around town and capture photos. As a part of my effort to list the important places of Kollam on the world map [Google], here I begin with some easily accessible places in and around Kollam town, kickstarting off with a few churches and…

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