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The Trupti Swipe

I had a rest day yesterday. I believe that’s what they call it in the fitness world. I just felt lazy after three days of intense workout. So I wake up today morning fully motivated and ready to burn. I make my morning green lemon tea and turn the tv on as I sip it.…

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Day 4 – Swami Sharanam

Woke up as early as 3am. Took a bath and headed to pick dad from the Airport. En route while driving over, I was forced to slow down at a Paripally temple, where the festival procession had taken onto the road. On the way, came across 11 elephants in the 60km drive. Coming to the…

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Day 2 – Swami Sharanam

Today woke up an hour late. Yet to come to terms with my ceiling fan – the regulator no longer works and it gets terribly cold in the morning. Morning temple visit was uneventful, though cycling on a light stomach seemed arduous. Lunch was sumptuous with mom showing a sigh of relief and joy that…

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