denigration of indian twitter

Once upon a time, when twitter began its journey in the 2000s, few internet enthusiasts, including me, joined the bandwagon of social media. 140 characters appropriated a closeness to individuals who remain in the public space but had no unscheduled direct opportunity of interaction with the common man.

The communication between leaders and celebrities and their fans, developed a new dimension. A reply with a mention, had the same feeling as a personalized autograph. That though was in the growing loving childhood days of twitter.

We have come a long way now. The accessibility of the media has multiplied in the last 5 years as more and more users gained access to internet enabled devices. The economy of internet and smartphone brought access to a new strata of users. But much of it took a downturn once politicians started using it as a propaganda medium.

Tweets are no longer thoughts or voices of expression of the individual. Tweets represent a common goal, a motive, a day job for many. Those who run twitter bend over to sell their product. And it is selling very well. Much of what it reflects on India as a nation is the ruthless inhuman beings that India is already turned into.

Baying for blood, trending hashtags and countertags, it is the sad truth, that Twitter is where miserable people come to work.

The growing intolerance

Over the last six months, I have taken a concerted effort to wean myself off social media. I have been a social media faithful for over ten years and it’s not been easy.

So why exactly is it no longer fun to hang in there? Well, as a person who grew up reading books, newspapers, magazines and comics, the main thing is that content is almost always proof read before being shared in the public domain.

The arrival of social media definitely opened up the window to provide access to a lot of really good content, well at least that was the trend to begin with.

Microblogging sites like twitter especially in India has been taken over by numerous English illiterate people, paid to tweet according to the political climate. The discourse has gone down the drain and it has become a real stinky place to be a part of.

Allowing tweets that other people ‘liked’ to appear in my timeline is one of the primary reasons I opted to leave. As much as machines and algorithms try to learn me, my lifestyle and what I like to read, they will never be able to read what my mind wants.

This approach of trial and error to shove anything and everything on to you and then asking you to report, or mute or hide is not really worth the energy.

A lot of productivity of humans are being lost thanks to social media. People have become so hooked on to it that to not be a part of it, makes you either weird or a misfit.

Time to forego these things and live your life the way you should. Currently I operate only on a private Instagram account and that will suffice my needs.


Inspired by the Uma Bharti Tape

I was watching Arnab Goswami on the News Hour last night vociferously gunning down the members of his panel when this thought crossed my mind. The BJP representative stated opinions change over a period of time. The tape related to an incident 7 years back. Now irrespective of why she has a different opinion about the BJP priministerial candidate at this point of time, it just made me think of how even we change our opinion of people over a period of time.


Just last day I texted a friend of mine on facebook, only to realize the last time we texted was a year back. Looking into the archive, I was rolling back the years reading the text messages stored there. More than the conversations, what was striking me was how I was changing as time grew.

This deserves a long post and I will be back re exploring this but am thankful for being active in the internet. Be it updating a status on facebook, or tweeting about the goal Manchester United scored, just like photographs, we leave small tags time and again to relive the moment that is eternally stored in our neuronal hard disk.

Turning 30k

In another month’s time, I will complete two years in this world of 140. The first few days, the only people I was following were friends I knew in person and that is probably the reason I never really understood the use of another social network (as it is, I was already eating, drinking & sleeping on FB and 140 characters seemed too restrictive). A couple of months went by and then again with some spare time in my hands I decided to go through some of the prolific tech sites (Mashable) to figure out how to make use of this network.

Soon I was ‘following’ Hollywood, bollywood celebrities, sports personalities, and from there on it went to media, corporate and many more. What hit me as the most striking feature of twitter then (even now) is how fast news breaks out. From there, it went onto waiting for those ‘special moments’ when a celebrity would reply to your tweets. Unknown facets of many celebs and famous people get unravelled, and soon I had developed a special corner for a few for who they really are. And am sure there is no platform on the web which brings fans as close to their celebrities as this.

The other big advantage on twitter is meeting like minded strangers from different walks of life. Being a football fan, I love tweeting during games, the energy levels go up no matter where I am watching it.

Every good has its bad and one gets to meet plenty who will rile you up and somewhere, you will have to draw a line on who to tweet to and whom to block! I think I have already blogged on twitter’s influence but today on the occasion of turning onto 30,000 tweets, I would like to thank all my followers and friends for adding a twitter dimension to my life and would love to mention a few on twitter I enjoy following.

@gulpanag : My favourite twitter celeb. I came to know a bit about her as a person only after joining twitter. A role model and the most beautiful twitter celeb. (I dedicate this blog title to her 🙂

@shreyaghoshal : Proud to belong to her generation. Down-to-earth, totally fan loving and takes pains to keep her fans happy.

My premier football banter gang: @vinugeorge @j0n14 @mukeshkini @ameenmaj @k1rn @lipinnair @hitchhawk @thariqcp @wickedsyam @beingsohin. Apart from the first two who are very good friends of mine, I met the rest totally randomly and we enjoy some wonderful banter over the last year or so.

@johnymon @tinucherian @tittoantony @123alex are few of my oldest twitter friends

For humor and satire: @sidin @j0n14 @gkhamba @neha_bedi @swannyg66 @krishashok

As a football fanatic, I think it’s only appropriate to share a few media handles

@henrywinter @fourfourtwo @dailytelegraph @matt_lawton_dm @mogdentelegraph @laura_mail @oliverkaytimes @stewartgardner @nickcoppack @discomirror @ian_ladyman_dm @betfairandygray @thesportreview @dtguardian @thesunfootball @optajoe @statmanjon @espn_star @epltalk @uefacom @bbcfootball1 @guardian_sport @benhibbs

Red Devils

@vanderberg7 @abhinavcj @tanay46 @manutd24 @surju_utd @mihir_h @anjali_x @R_o_M @vivek782 @lilmissdinky @unitedsredarmy @wedreaminred @unitedrant @manunitedblog @manufans @manutd_updates @mannydas @manutdlive @sabarish_g @bughe9d

This will be a never ending process if I were to list all the tweeple I follow. So am gonna stop here and maybe come back and blog after a year. Cheers!

Reflection – Year End 2010

As another year grinds to a halt, I did not actually sit down this time around to reflect on the year that has just sped past me. 2010 academically was a poor one for me, though it did see me return to my native hometown of Kerala.

Being born and brought up outside + 6 years of Med School in the beautiful Manipal Village, I effectively hardly spent any time in Kerala. And that reflects pretty well on my knowledge of people and places here.

This was the first time I managed to make it to a trip to both Sabarimala and Guruvayur in the same calendar year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope to do the same in the forthcoming years.

2010 was different, particularly since I spent most of the year at home, I was able to come to terms with a lot of things about life in Kerala, the awesome beauty, the ragged road rash, the annoying ‘Meenkaari’ who bangs on our gate every morning and many more.

But what was significantly different was how a group of really close friends from college days, had to part, new relations | family | distance all in favor. It was a time when I actually realized that family can NEVER be what one’s friends are, but it is possible some can come remotely close to it. And probably that is one of the reasons why my time spent on my 2010 Addiction resulted in getting a number of wonderful friends over the course of 140 characters.

It’s amazing how social networking can change our lives, but Twitter was even more different, the opportunity to interact with celebrities [one thing which we could never imagine], have healthy discussions, heated debates, meet people from the same background, discuss your favorite rock band | football team and what not and of course gossip! But unlike other social networking sites, the openness of Twitter, the anonymity and yet the feeling of being a part of a Twitfam makes one feel good.

I still remember the days when I started tweeting and I would be desperate to get a reply from a celeb, even if it is just a Smiley, but it always lifted my general mood! To quit digressing, so there was always this yearning to look forward to any sort of opportunity to catch up with my college mates, some of them whom I rate in my top list of influential people at this point of time.

And it invariably happened in the form of Wedding Reunions. Have been able to attend two of my friends weddings this year and be it even a few hours lets me take my mind off everything and reminisce the good old days.

Two days ago, I attended my friend Anna’s wedding, a girl who comes across as an orthodox Christian, who ALWAYS manages to bring a smile on everyone’s face. I was glad I could attend her wedding, and for the first time I felt something really special about this girl. There was this amazing glow about her and in the Church during the mass, while I was capturing snaps of her and her soon to be husband, I can’t deny it but I could actually feel something really Special is happening here and frankly I have NEVER felt the same while attending a wedding. Call it spiritual or anything else, but it was very much worth it. I wish them both the very best in life, causethis girl deserves nothing but the best.

2010 will always be etched in my memory as the year when I started introspecting Photography.

It was a good way to sign off a year which I wouldn’t rate to be in my top 5 but it’s a new day, it’s a new start and I am gonna continue  into 2011 from where I left 2010! Wish all around the World for a healthy, safe and green 2011!

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