Setting up home again

Have not really had time to have a go with my blogging this week as I just moved into my new apartment.

It’s just being done up. And there is a lot of work happening in and around other storeys. And I had absolutely nil furniture to begin with.

So scratching my head, with a near empty wallet, I went to IKEA on their recent 75% sales to cash in on some raw deals.

My makeshift bed for the time being is IKEA’s bean bag, and it is so cozy. I had some furniture lying over at my Uncles place which I had moved in yesterday.

Hopefully my paperwork will get completed next week and I will be able to get my first pay check as well.

January has turned out pretty much as I imagined it to be. Relocating and settling in period. Next is to set up my apartment over the next three weeks.

We in Kuwait love the month of February. Hala February is celebrated as we have our national day celebrations in the last week of the month. It’s a bit of an exaggeration to call it a week considering how short February usually is. Nevertheless, expecting some good deals to shop during Hala.

I am sneaking out to India during the holiday week to capitalize on the break and catch up with family. Excited.

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