After a torrid week losing momentum to in the top of the league, could any game have been offered on a platter like playing against 10 men for 90 minutes?!

There was this unusual urgency in Manchester United’s game and obviously it was only a matter of time before they were pinging in goals for fun.

This ruthlessness is something United fans would barely get once in ever 7-10 games over the last four to five years. It was unusually fulfilling and indeed it is a fact that much of the landslide victories in the post Fergie era has come under Ole.

While I continue to be critical of OIe’s skills reactions in a game that is not going to plan A, this game his plan A worked very well in the first half. The likes of Martial were sent out in the second half to use this opportunity to find some form and that hopefully will help his cause. He too showed desire to throw himself around to make goals happen.

Narrowing the goal difference up top is indeed a boon. This will definitely boost our confidence going into the next few games

In the meantime, the African variant of COVID is in the Middle East now. Many countries have started issuing restrictions. February is the month of celebration usually in Kuwait, but looks like it is going to a be a subdued one as restrictions sweep in from next week. Work on the other hand is likely to continue as it is.

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